- Wild and pure

Grand Nord® is a story about tradition, people, and the wild pure nature of the north - and the northern lights. Norwegian Vikings were among the first to trade fish: stockfish, to be precise, in those days. For thousands of years, people living along the coasts of the North Atlantic have enjoyed what we offer you today; the best possible quality in pure and wild fish.

To bring you these gifts straight from the sea, Norfra work very closely with fishermen. The knowledge of how best to preserve the quality of the pure and wild fish, has been built up and passed down through family tradition for generations.

This exquisite cod provides adventure, whether in the open seas, in your home or in an exclusive restaurant. Under the wild and harsh conditions of the Arctic, Norwegian cod develop to be tough swimmers. As they swim from the high north to our coasts, under the northern lights, the cod develops a firm and pure flesh. Could it be that in every part of Grand Nord® there is a hint of the northern lights, which is why our seafood is so delicious?